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Many people are often concerned about making their flight; whether it’s a nice holiday with friends or family or a business excursion.  Flying early morning can mean very little sleep and stress at watching the clock tick until the alarm goes off, which can often mean you are incredibly irritable.    London is an extremely busy city and it can often be a struggle getting to where you need to be on time which is why staying in an airport hotel in Gatwick is very convenient.

An airport hotel in Gatwick is excellent for people that have early morning flights; you are able to relax in comfort and rest assured that you will make your flight.  You can arrange for a wakeup call from reception so you do not need to keep your alarm beside you throughout the night.  You can also arrange to have breakfast at the hotel, so if its a cooked breakfast that you fancy or some simple cereal the hotel can meet your needs.  Breakfast can often be served as early as six o'clock in the morning which allows you to have a relaxing breakfast rather than rushing around at the airport to grab something.

London is full of things to see therefore many people often book into an airport hotel at Gatwick for a couple of nights as it allows them to conveniently see the city however means they can make their flight when the time comes without the hassle or expensive taxi fares as many airport hotels will provide a discount for the shuttle service to the Airport or reduced parking fares.

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